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Run for Your Life at Running of the Bulls in New Orleans

It’s 7:00 A.M., and thousands of people have gathered in the streets of New Orleans, drinking, eating, and preparing for an event like no other. This isn’t your ordinary Saturday morning. This is New Orleans’s version of the Spanish Running of the Bulls, San Fermin in Nueva Orleans! The “bulls” are actually the Big Easy Rollergirls on their skates, and the runners, wearing white, attempt to run away from the girls as they chase after them with wiffle ball bats! This eccentric festival will be taking place in New Orleans from July 8th-10th, and will captivate the attention of thousands of people throughout the city. The festival technically lasts the entire weekend, with exciting events before and after the race, although the race itself takes place on Saturday morning. Come run for your life and try tons of delicious local food and drink at Running of the Bulls in New Orleans this July! Looking for a place to stay in the city that is close to all the excitement? Book your room at The French Market Inn in the New Orleans French Quarter today!

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Run Like No One’s Watching

At around 7:00 A.M. on the day of the race, the pontiff, Andrew Ward, says a prayer to Saint Fermin (Pamplona’s patron saint) and blesses the runners. The race technically begins at 8:00 A.M, but runners and bulls gather in the streets as early as 6:30 A.M. to begin drinking and celebrating this one-of-a-kind festival. The costumes vary greatly, and the possibilities are endless-Derby girls wear red and black with horns and various other accessories meant to intimidate and bruise the runners. One year, a runner claims she saw a bull that had a bra that shot rockets out of it! The Derby Girl bulls may not be as aggressive as the actual bulls in Spain, but do not underestimate these girls- they will not hold back when it comes to whacking participants with the wiffle ball bat! In fact, some participants really get into it, and even yell at the bulls to entice them to chase after them. Dangerous? You’ll have to decide for yourself!

running of the bulls NOLA

Come to Running of the Bulls in New Orleans, LA!

Running of the Bulls is a ticketed event with an open bar, and food provided by favorites including Commander’s Palace, Bayona, Mondo, Appolline, SoBou, and Little Gem Saloon. Come enjoy more local delights like jambalaya, meat pies, and more from food trucks surrounding the race! These food trucks include Clesi’s Catering, Cocoa and Cream, Crepes a la Carte, Dee’s Coffee, Diva Dog, Frenchy’s, La Cocinta, and Mr.Choo. You can rest assured knowing the bulls may be a little slower due to all of the tempting alcohol and food surrounding the race! In addition to all the food and fun, there will be flamenco dancing and a charity silent auction at this year’s Running of the Bulls. Recover the next day after the race at Sunday’s event, El Pobre de Mi (Poor Me), that includes cocktails, tapas, and a celebration of Ernest Hemingway.

Wrought-Iron balconies in the New Orleans French Quarter

Come experience Running of the Bulls in New Orleans July 8th-10th! Make your reservation at the French Market Inn, a charming New Orleans French Quarter hotel that is close to tons of New Orleans attractions, restaurants, destinations, and more!

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