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Directions to The French Market Inn

French Market Inn Map
Directions from Interstate Hwy. I-10 East or Louis Armstrong International Airport

  1. You will pass Louis Armstrong International Airport on your right. You are now approximately 15 miles from downtown New Orleans and the correct exit.
  2. Take I-10 to New Orleans, exit 235A to merge onto Basin St/Orleans Ave toward Vieux Carre
  3. Keep left at the fork
  4. Turn left at Loyola Ave
  5. Continue straight onto Basin St
  6. Basin St turns slightly right and becomes Toulouse St
  7. Turn right at Decatur St

Directions from Interstate Hwy. I-10 West

  1. Look for, BUT DO NOT EXIT, the “Chef Menteur” exit. This exit is about one mile before you will travel over a high-rise bridge. At the base of the bridge, you will be approximately four miles from the correct exit, exit 235 “Orleans Avenue/Vieux Carre”.
  2. Take exit 236C for St Bernard Ave
  3. Turn left at St Bernard Ave
  4. Turn right at N Rampart St
  5. Turn left at Toulouse St
  6. Turn right at Decatur St
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